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Vision and Values | Anglican Church of the Holy Spirit


To know Christ and to make him known.

To recognize that we are broken and in need of the Savior, to accept the gift of Jesus, to seek healing and sanctification, and to share and demonstrate his love for the world to see.


  • Worship

We value… intentional and reverent worship grounded in the historical and liturgical Anglican tradition, in Holy Scripture, and in sound theology (in word and song) with special significance on the sacred Eucharist.

  • Fellowship

We value… a community of faith that welcomes everyone in the spirit of God’s unconditional love, nurtures a sense of belonging, and supports healthy relationships and families, seeking and encouraging healing, forgiveness, and wholeness.

  • Discipleship

We value… discipleship through personal relationships, mentoring, and small groups, fostering spiritual growth which leads to maturity and leadership, grounded in a life with Christ.

  • Education

We value… opportunities for education in Holy Scripture, theology, Catechesis, and Christ-centered topics to learn and grow individually and in relationships with one another in a variety of settings, sharing our lives together.

  • Evangelism

We value… the offering of our ourselves through “time, talent, and treasure” – sacrificially giving, helping one another, serving the community in Tulsa beyond the church, and sharing Jesus “not only with our lips, but in our lives.” 

  • Prayer

We value… the act of sincere, reverent, and faithful prayer in which we offer intercessions and thanksgiving to God through spoken words and silent contemplation. 

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