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Sunday | Anglican Church of the Holy Spirit
Anglican Church of the Holy Spirit - Altar

Schedule: 10:30 a.m. – Holy Eucharist or Morning Prayer

​Many who attend Anglican Church of the Holy Spirit find that the congregation is like no other. For some, the rich blend of traditional Anglo-catholic worship with lively renewal / evangelical elements has proved attractive. For others, the strong, biblically-centered Christian education programs have made the difference.

At Anglican Church of the Holy Spirit, worship is never a spectator activity. Every person in the congregation plays a role in worshiping God in Jesus Christ. While contemporary enough for those coming to adulthood in the twenty-first century, we always strive to connect the generations, to deepen understanding in what it means to be authentically Christian. It is our aim to build on the foundations of the classical Christian stream—that which has been accomplished well by Christians in the past—while helping one another deepen their relationship with a God who is alive and actively engaged in our lives today.

We at Anglican Church of the Holy Spirit have entered into a great adventure. As a charter member of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) and as a member of the Anglican Diocese of the Living Word (ADLW), we are part of a large and rapidly growing family of more than 1000 churches in the United States and Canada. Moreover, we share organic unity with the world’s third largest church, comprising nearly 80 million Anglicans worldwide. We are especially honored to work closely with the Anglican Church in Nigeria, a community of believers who understand what it means to stand on the faith received no matter the cost.

In gratitude for what Jesus Christ has already accomplished in our lives, we are committed to accomplish his will in a fallen world. We do so through devout worship, biblical training, equipping of all believers, warm fellowship, outreach, and mission both here in Tulsa and “every corner of the earth.” We cordially invite you to become a part of this adventure!

Christian Education

Groups of study and service are the primary ways to become involved at Anglican Church of the Holy Spirit.  Prior to the Sunday service there are Christian education opportunities for adults, youth, and children.

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